Are Sneezing Electronics in Our Future?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re sure a lot of you have the sniffles right now. But would you ever imagine that your radio might be right next to you sneezing along? It might be in the future of consumer electronics, and it’s not just another novelty gizmo—the sneezing would actually help our tech last longer.

That picture above the jump is real and unaltered. It’s the Gesundheit Radio, and it’s designed to sneeze and expel dust:

We all know that dust can be the difference between a perfectly-operating device and one that’s overheating—not matter what its age.

So the Attenborough Design Group, an experimental research group within Texas Instruments, designed the Gesundheit Radio in 1972 to ‘sneeze’ once every six months and rid itself of harmful dust and tiny clogging particles. Well—actually it’s the work of modern-day design student and imaginative storyteller James Chambers.

But that doesn’t make it any less cool: A bellows system extracts dust from inside the unit, blowing waste from two outlets located on the front.

We could definitely see future tech being built with an innate sneezing ability to help it last longer. If you’ve got stock in canned air, it might be time to sell.