Are Tiny House Villages the Apartment Complexes of the Future?

Are Tiny House Villages the Apartment Complexes of the Future?

Nancy Mitchell
Jun 18, 2015
(Image credit: Four Lights Houses)

If you dream of living in a teeny tiny house, you'll probably have to sacrifice a little in the way of convenience. Although they seem to be everywhere on design blogs, the difficulty of finding land on which to place them means that most of these diminutive dwellings are located in the backyard of much larger homes, or on remote parcels far from any city. But two enterprising souls are looking to change that, by building tiny villages where residents could enjoy all the comforts of (a really little) home within reach of the city.

Jay Shafer, who sells plans for tiny houses that start at a mere 98 square feet, is currently working on creating such a village in Sonoma county, within five minutes of downtown Sebastopol. The community would be zoned as an RV park, since most of these little houses are built on trailer bases, but unlike a trailer park, where cars are parked outside of each individual home, it would have a large shared parking lot to one side of the property.

(Image credit: Tiny Lights Houses)

The tiny houses would be clustered together around a clubhouse, with facilities to be shared by all the residents. So if, say, you wanted to have a party, you wouldn't have to squeeze all your friends into your teeny tiny living room. Residents would each own their own homes, and pay a monthly fee for the upkeep of the communal spaces.

Chelsea Rustrum, a sharing-economy consultant and author of the book It's a Shareable Life, also has plans for a tiny house village somewhere in the Bay Area, but her idea is a little different. She envisions a tiny house village that's close to public transportation, obviating the need for automobiles, and one where houses are available on a rental basis to suit members of the creative community.

Either one of these places, when they finally come to fruition, could be a great spot for folks who love the idea of having their own little home, but don't want to miss out on the convenience of the city. You can read more about both of them on Curbed.

(Images: Tiny Lights Houses via Curbed)

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