Are We in an Age of Entertainment Overload?

Are We in an Age of Entertainment Overload?

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 11, 2011

In an age of Netflix on every device imaginable, broadband connected phones, and affordable flat screens, some may see this as the golden age for digital entertain in our homes. Others, such as myself, see it as a bombardment of forced consumer touch points that have pretty much gone out of control.

So, how can it be a bad thing when you can now watch pretty much anything on the computer at a fraction of the cost compared to a few decades ago? I'll start with the following:

Trained Impatience: Ads. Oh everyone hate them. In an age where you can instantly pull up any video on the Internet, even a small popup ad becomes an breaking point in the user experience. It's an extra click too many. A second wasted.

I feel like we're training ourselves to become the most impatient species that ever lived. What's worse is this can have ramifications on the way we interact with each other, whether it be talking and merely communicating our ideas.

Always-On Mentality: I'll admit I'm one of those folks who check their mail right before they sleep. Since I use my phone as my alarm clock, it's always by my side and I've trained my brain to enjoy seeking out new things, despite how useless or detrimental it may be to my sleep.

5 Tools for the Job: Screwdrivers usually have different sized bits, depending on the screw that needs turning. Television and multimedia consumption should work the same way, right? As I look at the work that's been done on the digital living room, I fail to see the benefits of having multiple remote controllers on my coffee table for a zillion devices surrounding a single screen.

Are our available options so downright awesome that we fail to see the drawbacks? What could be improved? Let us know what you think!

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