Are You a Climate-Friendly Gardener?

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We’re all familiar with the idea that growing our own food can reduce our carbon footprint, but how about going a step further and practicing climate-friendly gardening techniques? Roots of Change has designed a quiz to test your knowledge and teach the basics of climate-friendly gardening.

The quiz and related article address topics like compost, cover crops, and lawn mowing. At the heart of it is the concept that a garden should store or prevent the release of more heat-trapping gases than it generates. By adopting certain practices, you can help fight climate change.

Take the quiz and, more importantly, check out the linked report and tips:

And then come back and let us know how you did! Do you have any experience with climate-friendly gardening techniques?

[via Culinate]

(Image: Flickr member woodleywonderworks licensed under Creative Commons)