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Tell Us: Are You a Daily or a Weekly Cleaner…and Why?

updated May 4, 2019
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In my quest to get it together be a little more organized, I’ve been looking around at different cleaning schedules and checklists. In an attempt to find one that suits my needs, I’ve discovered something of a trend:

While there are definitely little chores that I do every day to stay on top of things, I usually reserve all of the real cleaning for the weekend. I honestly just don’t have the energy or inclination when I’ve been working all day to tackle a room. Plus, I love the payoff of having the whole place sparkling when I do it all in one go.

This being said, nearly every article and checklist I came across revolved around a daily schedule of tackling one room at a time. While I can appreciate the “take smaller bites” mentality, I feel like weekdays are packed enough as it is.

Are you a daily cleaner or do you hold off for the weekend like I do? What do you recommend and why? Leave your response in the comments below.