Are You A Compulsive Re-Decorator?

Are You A Compulsive Re-Decorator?

Abby Stone
Apr 4, 2012


For some people it starts small: they fall in love with a pillow in a catalog, they bring home a quirky vase from a trip abroad, they bookmark a great paint color. For others, it comes on like a tidal wave: on Friday their home is Shabby Chic, by Monday, it's a study in minimalism. Others tread a fine line, moving their stuff from one room to another, or they flip flop their furniture arrangement in their own version of musical chairs. Whole blogs are built around the concept.

It feels like a relatively new phenomenon; certainly my parents and the parents of most of my friends rarely changed up their spaces while I was growing up. Even now, the childhood homes of many of my friends remain shrines to times long past. But now, possibly brought about by the rise of the internet, decor blogs (including this one) that make design more accessible, and a more mobile lifestyle, it's become fairly common to change up your interiors every few years.

This is not only limited to decor. Closet purges and changes are another form of design cycling. At least that is what I deduced when I spoke to a couple of clothing stylists: an inner shift prompted outer change, resulting in inner peace of mind, body, soul and home.

C'mon, fess up. Do you constantly re-decorate? How often? When was the last change and what prompted it?

(Images: Emma Reddington of The Marion House Blog who flip flopped her dining room and living room to the benefit of both.)

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