Are You a Human Hibernator?: Habits to Break Before Spring

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Rebecca Bond)

Hibernation, as a survival strategy, is a pretty good one. Light is low in the winter months, and it’s cold, so why not hunker down until the tulips are blooming again and there are leaves on the trees? Before the winter season becomes an excuse to indulge, however, break the cycle and create a new routine for spring.

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Here’s the types of things I tend to do in winter. There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but they DO leave me in a particular mindset and I need to reprogram myself as we head into a new season:

Media Marathons: I know, those episodes of Making of a Murderer won’t watch themselves, but you’ve got a life outside your apartment. If you haven’t gone out for dinner since Halloween, now’s a great time to text your squad to make plans. Time for a friendly #brunchhack.

Staying Under the Covers: Winter naturally gives our bodies time to replenish after a summer of long daylight hours and endless activity. But come March, if you still find yourself swaddled in blankets in your bed at 8am, warily eyeing the outdoors, think about getting up a little earlier and your day started.

The Sweatshirt Slump: You should absolutely prepare for the elements, but it’s so easy to slip into a routine of pulling on your yoga pants and a fleece to walk the dog. And then staying in them all day if you can. (I work at home. The struggle is real.)

Heavy Meals: The colder temperature also forces people to stay indoors where they have access to ample amounts of food, most of which are mentioned alongside the word “comfort.” Remind yourself that your metabolism is in slow winter mode, and you don’t need to consume all those calories.

Lack of Exercise: Although I do hit the gym, I prefer to walk outside for exercise, so the freezing temps inevitably put a damper on my activity levels. Come March, it’s time to settle back into a daily routine that involves more than just walking to brunch on Sundays.