Are You a Tech Perfectionist?

Are You a Tech Perfectionist?

Gregory Han
Aug 31, 2010

This past weekend our naughty feline, Eero, made her way up into our tiny home office's overhead shelving. How do we know this? Because of the loud sound of a shadowbox falling from the 9ft. drop and onto our Apple Magic Mouse (our sea urchin shell collection was the other casualty). The mouse's glass surface top is now cracked and the Bluetooth transmitter intermittently drops connection during use...

We fortunately had a backup unit, a Microsoft Bluetrack model, but we're really missing the seamless design of the Magic Mouse (despite some ongoing issues with over-sensitivity we hope Apple revises). After opening up the case and some tinkering within, we got the Bluetooth connection back up and running. The only problem now is the clear and obvious wound left by our cat's mishief: a visible corner crack.

Some of you might consider a small crack a non-issue as long as the mouse is working fine. You wouldn't be incorrect in believing a product should be used until it doesn't work any longer. But then the flipside is for someone such as ourselves, cracks and once-broken, barely fixed elements mar any design enough to warrant replacement. We do have one excuse: the crack actually bothers our palm just enough to itch every time we move our hand on and off the mouse throughout the day. Is it bad enough to go out and go spend another $70 for a new one? Not quite yet...but getting close.

At what point do you considering a working tech item worthy of replacing? Do you keep it till it doesn't work any more, despite physical damage? Or are you a tech perfectionist and like to keep your gear pristine?

(TV image: Flickr member Kevin Steele licensed for use under Creative Commons)

(Camera image: Flickr member jACK TWO licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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