Are you a Wanderer?

Are you a Wanderer?

Laure Joliet
Jan 28, 2008
On a wander in Moab, Utah, discovering an original 60's countertop

We were reminded recently about the importance of having some time to wander in our daily lives in order to stay inspired...

I'm a wanderer by nature but didn't really think about it before I stumbled across moop's blog and found a kindred spirit. Now I realize that without a little wandering, I can become unhappy and uninspired. But the demands of life are such that, if I don't carve out some time to remain unplanned, I'll plan myself to oblivion. Wandering through my neighborhood, wandering through magazines and wandering through the blog world are all moments when my mind is free (to free-associate) and I'm often inspired or at least recharged.

For this reason, I've almost never set out to find the exact shade of a color for my walls nor have I ever had a fully formed vision of how I wanted a room. So much of what I love has been something I've stumbled upon while traveling in a foreign country or even a part of LA I had never been to before. I think this is what makes each of our living spaces so unique, because they can often be a reflection of our time spent wandering.

So, how about it? Do you set time aside to wander? How much time? How do you wander? What is your wander of choice? And what was your best find while wandering (in a store, in a country, in a magazine, etc)?

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