Are You Quick To Buy The Next Big Tech Item?

Are You Quick To Buy The Next Big Tech Item?

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 2, 2011

With the announcement of new Apple products today we got thinking about all of the people hanging on by the edge of their seats to run out and buy these new products. Of course we're super excited for new products in the tech industry, who isn't? But there's something we need to ask ourselves — are we in that big of a hurry to buy the next big tech item?

We obviously work in the industry and of course love each and every new piece of tech, but, our wallets aren't very psyched about rushing out what seems like every five minutes to buy a new iPad or Macbook. It seems as though just when we've padded our savings account enough to justify dropping another $1,500 on a new laptop a new one gets released and it makes us second guess ourselves.

We all remember the past few months when we all came to the realization that if you were in the market for an iPad or Macbook to just sit and wait because it seemed pretty pointless with the new releases just months away. Did that stop any of you? Or did you figure it didn't matter because the new one couldn't be that much better?

It's an interesting set of questions we need to ask ourselves when we're ready to take the plunge. Is this an investment? If so, am I investing at a good time? Am I going to want to keep up to date with each new release? Can I afford to do so?

What do you think?

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