The Long and Short of It: How Big is Your Desk?

We’ve been thinking about—pining over, even—a long, lucious desk for our home office. Right now, we’re working from a laptop on the sofa, so the endless real estate that a wall-length desk might offer is almost tempting enough to dive into a furniture shopping spree. But first, we want to know what kind of desktop you dear readers are working from—and loving it!

Not all home offices are created equal. Some people work from home and have a room to dedicate to the space. Others live in small, cool apartments and just need a place to check their email in the morning.

But to assume that every studio dweller has a mini-desk and every large-and-in-charge liver has their own Oval Office would be silly and an insult to the collective creativity of Apartment Therapy fans everywhere.

We’re sure that a lot of you have surprises for us—and we want to hear about them.

Is your desk tucked in a closet? Long and narrow along your guest room wall? Big, beautiful and lawyer-like in the center of your dedicated room? Tell us in the comments!

(If you’re feeling inspired by the short, long, narrow and wide desks in this post, they’re from Dave’s Tiny Urban Austin Studio, The SkyHouse, Brian’s Nest in the Clouds and Tess and Jesse’s Basement Studio.)