Arm & Hammer Cleaners… Now Sold in Empty Bottles!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Would you buy an empty bottle of household cleaner at the supermarket? Arm & Hammer is betting you will…

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Their new line is called Arm & Hammer Essentials, and the cleaners are sold in “cartridges” (actually small bottles) that screw on to an ordinary spray bottle, which is sold empty. Once home, you fill up the bottle with tap water, and when it’s empty, you buy another cartridge.

Because the bottle can be reused, Arm & Hammer claims the new line will help reduce the 28 billion pounds of plastic waste US consumers generate annually. We also see a potential for reduced carbon emissions: empty bottles weigh less than full ones, and therefore take less fuel to transport. Here’s their promotional video:

We heard about this product through a
press release, and we haven’t yet seen this new line in our local supermarket. But we’ve been doing the same thing for years with our cleaner of choice,
CleanVia, but we have to carefully measure out 2 ounces of concentrate every time we empty our spray bottle. So we have to admit: for people who are used to buying a bottle of 409 or Fantastik every month, the Arm & Hammer solution is ingenious. It requires very little change in behavior—you still buy something every month at the store, your cleaning solution is still in a spray bottle. Now, the big question: how well does it clean?