These Concrete Tiles Will Turn Your Space Into a Work of Art

published Mar 14, 2020
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It’s easy to take the “better-safe-than-sorry” route when choosing the right tile for your space. White subway tiles are timeless and freshen up a space without causing a scene. As are basic glass mosaic tiles that can add a shock of color to a backsplash without clashing with your decor pieces.

However, not everyone likes to simply dip their toes. For those of you who like to dive in to maximalism or who like to play with color, then the collaborative tiles from Brooklyn’s Cooler Gallery and Concrete Collaborative are going to change your space for the better.

The designs in the collection were created by independent artists including Dusen Dusen, Naomi Sarah Clark, Recreation Center, Fitzhugh Karol, and High Gloss. And though they were designed by different artists, the collection is cohesive and rings a bit Art Deco, a bit Matisse during his collage era, and a lot loud, fun, and

There are 14 unique styles within the collection, and each design is printed on 8-by-8-inch encaustic concrete tiles. Because the tiles are encaustic, they are harder to stain, yet are more porous. Therefore, these tiles should be kept as dry as possible, making them ideal for backsplashes, kitchen islands, or floors where wetness isn’t going to be an issue.

And perhaps the greatest part about these tiles is that they can be laid “unidirectional, multidirectional, or randomized,” as the Concrete Love website states. This means you can create a clean pattern or lay them in a way that tickles the eye and tricks the mind.

The Cooler Gallery X Concrete Collaborative tiles come in boxes of 13 and each box is sold for $130. Check out the entire collection here.