Art to Make You Laugh: Primo Primates

Art to Make You Laugh: Primo Primates

Carolyn Purnell
Jun 9, 2014
(Image credit: eBay)

For a number of years now, I've had a weird habit. When I'm bored or need a break from work, there are the usual tactics of hitting Youtube, Pinterest, and other sites for a bit of entertainment. But I've long had another trick up my sleeve, and I'll share it with you today. It's simple. Go to eBay and search for "monkey painting."

The results won't be to everyone's liking, so you may only want to follow through if you love absurd art or need a dose of quirk, but for me, I find that the results make me laugh every time.

For the many years that I've clicked, I've only ever bought one piece (a grim-faced monkey holding a match, saying "No…you can't hide from God"), and I count it among my favorites even though I know that it is far from everyone's taste.

Here are some of my recent finds:

1. Lovely Monkey #9298, sold by baby.8088
2. Dress Monkey #111, sold by smoonintl
3. Monkey King and Queen in Forest, sold by art-ny-art
4. Dress Monkey #224, sold by smoonintl (also featured above)
5. Lovely Monkey 9364, sold by Juanbaby26
6. Dressing Monkey, sold by Eugenearts1982
7. Corolla Monkey #765, sold by beautiful-spring
8. Monkey Portrait, sold by 2012moonsun
9. Monkey in Canvas 070, sold by weimingtian12
10. Dress Monkey #103, sold by smoonintl

And for those who aren't as into primates, here are some other absurd options:

(Image credit: eBay)

Dress Dog #074, sold by smoonintl

(Image credit: eBay)

Dog Art, sold by beautiful-spring

Do you have any weird things you search for for a laugh?

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