V is for Vampire Bat by ArtChiz Studios NYC

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Does your teen or tween have a taste for the macabre? Is A Nightmare Before Christmas one of their favorite movies? Do they think monsters are cute? Well then, may we point you in the direction of V is for Vampire Bat by artist Stephanie Chisolm.

V is for Vampire Bat, $15, shows an adorable scene: a feisty vampire bat swooping down on bear that is ready to pee it’s pants — if it were actually wearing any.

Part of the Alphabet City series (which features anthropomorphic animals living in New York), V is for Vampire Bat features The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. A Gothic church and vampires? What more could a Gothy teen ask for?

For more on Stephanie Chisolm, visit her Web site.