Articulated DIY Speaker Mounts: Tertial to the Rescue

Articulated DIY Speaker Mounts: Tertial to the Rescue

Range Govindan
Nov 14, 2011

If your desktop is pretty uncluttered, then you're probably trying to find ways to get rid of the last of the peripherals on your desk. Some people manage to fix their speakers onto their screens with a mount of some sorts, but we like this hack, which puts your speakers on a completely articulated mount, making them quite useful and easy to get out of the way when you want to get things done.

While articulated arms for monitors can be quite expensive, this hack is anything but. The hack is based upon an inexpensive IKEA Tertial work lamp, which sells for $8.99. Since the lamp is afixed onto the side or back of your desk, you don't have to worry about the overall weight of the speakers too much, but they need to be somewhat light, or the stand won't be able to hold them up.

This technique can also be used for mounting any light objects, such as microphones, webcams, and other computer peripherals. We think that mounting a webcam on one of these is perfect, since you can move it around into a new position, and it remains in place until you move it again. It could be an interesting tool for YouTubers. The cool thing about using this is that when you don't need your peripherals, you can just move them away easily. It will free your desk of clutter, and since it also allows you to manage the cables of your speaker, it's a win-win situation.

Putting these mounts together pretty straightforward.

1. Unscrew the light socket and snip off the wires.
2. Pull them out of the metal arms using pliers.
3. Attach your speakers to the metal plate by bending it so that it's flat. Then, you'll need to drill some holes into the back of the speaker so that it can be mounted.
4. Thread your wires through the articulated arm to make them almost disappear.

This hack allows you to orientate the speakers into your direction, no matter where you are, which is a bonus. It will also remove some of the resonance that your speaker generates, if you had it on your desk.

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(via Ikeahackers, photos by Bill Dwyer)

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