The Home Office of Alex Pearson of Family Tree Design

The Home Office of Alex Pearson of Family Tree Design

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 28, 2010

The art of working for yourself and spending all day in a home office can be fabulous or frustrating. There are ropes of productivity to learn and figuring out how to get things done without checking Twitter and Facebook all day can be more difficult than it seems. We recently featured Alex Pearson over at Ohdeedoh and he's given us a look inside his work and home office, the details are this way...

1. Name, Age, Location: Alex Pearson, 28, Nashville TN

2. Style of art and how long you've been doing it: Graphic Design and Illustration, 7 years

3. What are some of the ups and downs of working for yourself?: The freedom of working for yourself is really nice. I really never did well with corporate politics and the structure of decision making within it. The downside for me is lack of people around. I really thrive on the bustle of a busy office.

4. What do you wish people knew about independent artists? It seems like sometimes people think that artists lives are just this exciting blend of coffee shops and doodling, and that they don't have a real job. But the most "creative" people are actually just really hard working people.

5. What's your creative process like? First I like to listen to my clients just talk about their product or business. I try to pick out words that inspire me from that conversation, and immediately start developing a mental image of what I think the end product should look like. I will usually right down a long list of single descriptive words that help me work this out as well. Then I will work up basic compositional or conceptual ideas in the form of very rough sketches. From there I usually just jump into working on the finished piece.

6. What would your ideal dream project be? Considering I wish I could live inside this movie, I would love to have been involved with something like "The Fantastic Mr. Fox."

7. Why is handmade so important in today's world? I have had this conversation before and even blogged about it myself. Our world is very quickly becoming less and less tangible. I really cannot understand the appeal of reading a book on a digital device. For me holding a book, feeling the paper and smelling the ink is just as important as what's on the page itself. I believe as more digital media is circulated, handmade tangible goods will become more valuable and sought after. Case in point; the resurgence of vinyl records.

8. Where do you draw inspiration from? I try to draw inspiration from simple things that are around me. A small twist on a simple idea or concept that everyone is familiar with is generally the most well accepted. If you have to write a press release to explain your concept then you don't have a good concept.

• You can find Alex over at Family Tree Designs

Thanks Alex!

Do you work from home? Have a great home office or great tech set up you'd like to share with us? Make sure to drop us a line, we love seeing where our readers get down to business!

(Image: Alex Pearson)

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