Artist Tim Makepeace’s 16th Street Heights Masterpiece

Tim Makepeace’s art focuses a great deal on the inherent functional beauty of architectural structures, so it’s no surprise that the home which he renovated is brilliant to behold. Clean lines and expanses of appropriately empty and sun-drenched space let the architecture take center stage. Thanks to UrbanTurf DC, we get to peek inside…

• 1. The addition at the back of the house is made primarily out of steel and features a passive solar design which makes the most of the generous southern exposure.
• 2. Nearly the entire back wall of the house if windows, and that, paired with the open floor plan, pale woods, and white walls maximizes natural light throughout the day.
• 3. The glitzy crystal chandelier is a welcome contrast in a home filled with spare, distinctly modern and contemporary pieces.
• 4. Salvaged roller-skating rink flooring now graces the home’s addition.
• 5. As the UrbanTurf article points out, Tim’s home is the perfect space for a personal gallery of sorts. Here, his art adds another function, distracting from the TV.
• 6. We love how Tim manages to slip in subtle hints of industrial design, such as the green exposed steel support beams flanking at each entrance to the dining room, that add interest without detracting from the overall clean, homey vibe of his home.

Hats off to Mr. Makepeace!

To see more pictures and to learn more about the unique characteristics of Makepeace’s home be sure to check out UrbanTurf’s full article here.

To learn more about Tim Makepeace and his artwork, check out his website.

(Images: Fritz Hubig for UrbanTurf DC)