Art's Closet Home Office Before & After

Art's Closet Home Office Before & After

Gregory Han
Dec 7, 2009

Unplggd reader Art was kind enough to share his home office project, transforming a guest room closet into a bright and organized space to get his work done without too much clutter and with an efficient use of space. Details of all the components and solutions below.

I set out to transform the closet in my guest room into an office. Chelsea and I wanted to keep the guest room fun and light, both literally and figuratively. We painted the inside of the closet a Disney yellow and created a desktop and shelving unit out of the IKEA Broder shelving system, which is designed for garages and storage rooms. The freestanding metal system fits in well with the look of our industrial loft space.

Even though the look is industrial-chic, nobody likes a tangled mess of cords running down the wall and across the floor, so I had to come up with a solution for that mess. I also wanted to add a sliding keyboard tray to the desk to conserve desktop space. Both the cord cradle and sliding keyboard tray are from IKEA, but as you will see I had to deal with a couple of snags while installing them to the Broder work top.

Problem 1: Both the keyboard tray and the wire cradle are meant to be screwed into a wood desktop, and the Broder is thin sheet metal.

Keyboard installation solution: The mounting brackets for the keyboard tray are epoxied to the bottom of the desk with a two-part epoxy putty. **If you can complete this step before you install your desktop to the shelving system, I would recommend it because that way you don't have to figure out a way to keep pressure on the keyboard tray from below, so that the epoxy can set up.

Problem 2: Signum needs to be 3-4" lower than the bottom of the desktop or it will be too close to the sliding keyboard rail (they will jam into each other).

Solution for installing both Signum and sliding keyboard tray to the bottom of the Broder work top:

Decide where the Signum brackets will go and mark the holes on the center brace underneath the desktop. Put on protective eyewear if working underneath the desktop. Again, this would be easier to do before you install the work top. Drill 1/4" diameter holes. You may also have to start with a small bit and progress to a 1/4", depending on your bits and drill.

Get four 1/4" diameter x 4" long lag bolts and four 1/4" diameter hex nuts. You will have to bore out the holes on the Signum brackets just a little bit more to fit the bolts. Bolt the brackets underneath the desk and secure them with the nuts.

The Signum cord cradle will now be suspended enough from the bottom of the desk so that the keyboard tray guide rails will not bump into it.

 Sometimes it's the little challenges in life that can really make the day.

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