Artwork in the Bathroom

updated May 7, 2019
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Of all the walls in your home waiting for art, it can seem like the bathroom is one of the last places to get considered. At least in our apartment past it’s felt that way. But scanning recent house tours on Apartment Therapy had us noticing all kinds of cool art choices in the bathroom.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It started with Bethany’s post last week about Hanging Artwork Above the Bed. We’ve got artwork above our bed and love it. And we’ve got artwork above our couch. And in the kitchen, in the hallway and yes even above our drum kit. But the one place we don’t have art? The bathroom. And when I think back to all the apartments I’ve lived in the past few years—I’ve always neglected the artwork in that room.

Recent Apartment Therapy house tours have revealed that lots of people like hanging art in the bathroom. Most seem to choose one personality-filled piece in a strategic location—but we also spotted interesting collages, sculptures and even masks. Check out some of these inspiring bathrooms and the art they contain so well and see if there’s any inspiration for your own bathroom. During this month of exciting “before and afters”, this is one super simple idea that could lead to a quick and beautiful “after.”

Top Row:
1) Christian & Meredith’s Hidden Home
2) Misty’s Bright and Colorful Cottage!
3) Bernice & Eugene’s DTLA Loft on a Budget
4) Nan and Michael’s Craftsman Flat
5) Ofer & Randy’s Flea Market Collections