As if You Needed Morning Snoozing to be Easier...

As if You Needed Morning Snoozing to be Easier...

Taryn Williford
Dec 17, 2008

Snoozing is a bad, bad habit to get into. I used to be the kinda gal that would strike up out of bed as soon as the alarm first buzzed for me in the morning, but a bed mate of mine (an ex-boyfriend actually, as if I needed another thing to blame him for) turned me into a snooze queen who now sets her alarm for 10-30 minutes before she actually needs to wake up, just to be able to hit the snooze a few times and catch a few more winks. I often wake up more groggy and out-of-it than if I'd just woken at the first wail, but those few extra minutes after I reach over to the side table and hit the alarm just feel so good. But I might never get out of bed if the snooze button was right under my head....

SnoozeMe, designed by Lisa Toepfer, is a plush, pillow-y alarm clock that you sleep with. You can use it as a pillow under your head, cuddle it close (demoting Mr. Teddington to a nearby chair) or just leave it laying next to you in bed to wake you up in the morning.

When the inevitable alarm sounds at 6:00 AM (or 11:30, whatever—we're not here to judge), you'll have an even harder time getting out of bed than usual because the snooze will be even closer, making sure you never really have to come out of your nighttime coma.

We think you'd have to be extra-super aware of the world around you if you ever want to get to work on time with this gadget.

The integrated fabric buttons are easy to handle and you can choose from 5 different types of music.

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