As Seen On TV Products: Help Us Choose

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Who hasn’t spent a little too much time glued to the telly, mysteriously sucked into an infommercial, hypnotized by the repetitive promises of an end-be-all home solution for a problem we didn’t even know we had prior to watching? Whether it be for a swiveling sweeper, multi-use ladder, or a modular storage system with a spinning storage rack, there’s a universal guilty pleasure most people fess up to with a little prodding:
As Seen On TV products.

We’ve been considering reviewing As Seen On TV products, to test the validity of their claims, review the quality and finish in person, and to just give ourselves an excuse to give into our late-night infommercial jones. But we wanted the ATLA readership to play a part and help pick which product we should review. Help us choose which household As Seen On TV item we put to the test!