Ashes and Snow

Ashes and Snow

Apr 26, 2006

We finally made it to the Ashes and Snow Installation at the Nomadic Museum on the Santa Monica Pier.

For those who don't know, the Ashes and Snow project weaves together 14 years worth of photography, video and text from Gregory Colbert. Colbert's images, from India, Egypt, Sri Lanka Kenya and many other locations, deal with the interaction between man and nature. The show runs thru May 14th and is certainly worth seeing, if for no other reason that to be in the huge temporary space created for the show.

We have more to say about the show (A review below the fold), and we are curious to hear what others thought. Lets discuss!

REVIEW: My two art-loving friends and I went to the Ashes and Snow show at the Nomadic Museum on the Santa Monica Pier. While the still-images left us all shocking under-whelmed, the overall experience was quite serine. Walking through the temporary zen-ed-out space with its sounds of the rain forest filling room was worth the price of admission ($15, BTY).

For us, a big problem with the fashion world using great artists for advertising campaigns is that now all images with sepia tones, stunning faces and shocking juxtapositions feels like, well, a Calvin Klein Obsession ad.

The images are undeniably beautiful, but perhaps the stunningly huge billboards that have graced the city spoiled us, as the rather average sized prints - although hung in a lovely, sail-like way - seemed to be unnecessarily dwarfed in the huge space...Would that the pictures had been blown up to fit that space! Also, the multitude of images lessened the impact. There is something about these photographs that make you hope they were a literal moment captured in time, as opposed to a still frame pulled from hours of footage… not that that is what they are, just that that is what they look like.

Finally, there are three screens projecting different, yet similar mini movies on a loop. Very cool to watch and like the photos, are completely stylized moments of serenity. The sound of a calming voice reading what sounded like Rumi completed the artist's vision of man and nature living in peace.

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