5 Ways to Shake Up Your Look, from Ashley Tisdale's Los Angeles Home

5 Ways to Shake Up Your Look, from Ashley Tisdale's Los Angeles Home

Nancy Mitchell
Nov 16, 2018

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale has a pretty enviable home: a 1930s Colonial in the Hollywood hills. While in the past, her style has been pretty consistent — "I bought everything from Restoration Hardware," she tells Architectural Digest — for this particular house, she enlisted the help of designer Jake Arnold, who showed her how to mix in vintage pieces with her beloved RH for a look that's minimal and refreshing. While we can't all live in Hollywood, or turn a bedroom into a huge, luxurious bathroom, there are still plenty of ideas here for anyone looking to shake up their look.

Ditch your couch for something more intimate.

What's better than a couch? Two couches, arranged right across from one another. And what's even better than that is a group of arm chairs, arranged in an easy circle. Most people tend to arrange the furniture in their living room to promote the watching of television, which results in an awkward amphitheater look that's not great for entertaining. In Ashley's home, an intimate circle of chairs encourages conversation. If your living room permits, it's a great way to completely re-think your space (and still allows for the possibility of placing a TV at one side).

Make an oversized mirror a focal point.

Oversized mirrors, like oversized art, can be really expensive. Also, they're heavy. But more moderately priced ones can be found on Craigslist and at estate sales, and, if you're willing to do some schlepping, a big mirror can have the double benefit of making a style statement while also making the room look a lot larger.

Embrace really, really big plants.

Lately, houseplants have been taking the design world by storm. They've become a bit ubiquitous (not that we're complaining). But one thing that still feels unexpected is a really, really big houseplant. The one in Ashley's living room (which looks to be a Dragon Tree — can anyone identify?) is definitely eye-catching, with an almost sculptural quality. Check out this list for other big, statement-making indoor plants.

Try a rug in the bathroom.

We don't mean a typical bathmat — like a rug rug. This is probably not the place for a priceless heirloom, but if you're a moderate sort and don't regularly sling water all over the whole bathroom, a beautiful rug can really make a difference in the style of your bedroom. Just make sure it gets a chance to dry out regularly.

Do something really extreme and start with a blank slate.

Selling her last house provided Ashley with an exciting opportunity — the buyer, who happened to be a friend of hers, purchased not just the house but all the furnishings, too. Obviously, this isn't something that's an option for everyone, but if you're really looking to shake up your look, one way to do that is with a completely blank slate. If you're contemplating a move and going a very long way, selling your furniture and buying new pieces down the road could actually save you money — and it's a great way to completely re-set your style.

To see more of Ashley's home, check out the full tour on Architectural Digest.

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