This Weekend: Ask Yourself 3 Questions About This Spot in Your Home

This Weekend: Ask Yourself 3 Questions About This Spot in Your Home

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 20, 2015
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Did you do a closet clean-out at the start of this year? Chances are you did; the beginning of the year is a great time to reorganize, reassess and redo parts of the home that you use for storage. But six long (potentially mess-making) months have now gone by since the start of 2015. How are your closets — those notoriously tough, clutter-magnet spots — doing? This weekend, ask yourself these three questions about one closet in your home; your answers might help you clean out a troubled spot and make storage a little smoother for the rest of the year.

This Weekend's Assignment:

Give a closet a check-in (and potentially a clean out)

If you've had any frustrating moments of falling storage boxes, stuffing items quickly behind a door or closet rage in the past six months — one of your closets might need a check-in (and potentially a clean out). Choose a closet that's been giving you trouble, ask yourself the three questions below as you stare into its unforgiving storage abyss and follow our advice for a mid-year closet check-in that might make storing more enjoyable this year (or at the very least easier).

1. Am I having a hard time putting things back where they belong (or getting things out to use)?
Are you skipping vacuuming some weeks because you loathe wrenching the vacuum free from its hall closet confines? Are your clothes littering your bedroom floor because you hate having to stuff them back into your closet when they don't pass the day's outfit choice? Does retrieving sheets for an overnight guest trigger a linen avalanche in your bathroom closet? Sometimes initial closet organizations are completed in ways that fit in the space and are lovely to look at, but don't provide the main function you need of that space.

Answer this question honestly and then decide what it is that you are having the most frequent trouble taking out and putting back in. This will let you know what function needs to be the primary function of the closet you're staring at. Then consider doing a reorganization of your closet so that it caters to the primary function first.

2. Does every item in this closet need to be in it?
Yes! You might be thinking, if you live in an especially tiny home with limited closet space. Yes, I do need to have a linen/clothes/vacuum closet folded into one. But, well, do you really? Again, go back to that primary function. If there are items being stored in that closet that fight that primary function, can you get creative to store them somewhere else in your space? We're talking really creative — like using hidden storage in furniture or displaying items instead of storing them. Or — gulp — you might be able to take things out of a closet and donate them or throw them away because you haven't used them for six months or more.

3. What would make this closet more enjoyable to use?
You might have answered this question already if the answer was "work better" and you tackled the above ideas. But this question could also apply to the decorative elements that make closets more better lighting, art, surprise pops of color or displaying your items in a way that are appealing and not just functional. This isn't exactly an emergency task that has to be tackled immediately, but it could certainly make using your closet storage more enjoyable for the rest of the year (and beyond).

→ We know this Weekend Project could be a tall task considering the warm weather outside, the fact that it's a holiday (hi dad!) and that it could just be a lot depending on the size of one of your closets. Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do! Even if your time this weekend is only a few minutes, you can still ask yourself these questions and write down your answers for future organizing days.

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