ASKO Dishwasher: Great Green Machine or Piece of Junk?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Looking for Mr. Goodwasher. We ran across the ASKO Dishwasher recommended in Organic Style, and decided to check it out. We found a really appealing web site that spoke about how well made ASKO machines were, including being quieter, lasting longer, cleaning better, holding more and using less energy and water than traditional machines. They also have a great origin:

In 1950, an enterprising young Swedish farmer named Karl-Erik Andersson set out to build his mother a different kind of washer. A unique, energy- and water-efficient machine that would reflect a farmer’s love and respect for nature.

The result was a washing machine that was so good Karl-Erik built a factory on the family farm and now are an international company. Those industrious Swedes.

But then we went to Epinions and got another message. Rated very low, two reviewer gave it scathing reviews:

Fails to remove debris from dirty dishes. Does not scour. Even reducing to a half load for more clearance there was residue left on dishes. Failed to clean glassware. Tech support is useless. They refer you to a local repairman who tells you that if there’s nothing mechanically wrong with any of the parts there’s nothing they can do.

In my opinion, this unit was badly designed. I call it a DishRinser, not a Dishwasher. In ratings by Consumers Reports this unit came in dead last.

Yikes! How can there be such totally opposed opinions? Does anyone know what is going on here?? MGR