Astech Closet Systems

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In and out of the closet. Everyone we know hates California Closets! They are expensive and they aren’t particularly creative. But what is your alternative?? Though we haven’t used them yet, we like Bill Skinner from Astech Closets (not AZtech, for some reason), and have recommend them because we like to support the local guys. We also think it helps to get a second opinion.

Astech can design and install built-in closet solutions in offices, pantries, bedrooms or laundry rooms as well as straight ahead wall shelving and garage organization (WHO has one of those?) They can do solid shelving, ventilated shelving, wood or veneer.

When you need a closet overhaul, we recommed trying a smaller outfit that is going to be more responsive. And tell Bill we sent you! MGR