AT Chicago Classifieds: open for business!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Some enterprising readers have beaten us to the punch and are already into our classifieds, found to the right in the sidebar.

This is a free local service for people living in the Chicago area who have some good design to spread around.

Click on the green “classifieds” link to the right to check them out.

We have just a few guidelines:

1. Only Good Stuff. Please only list good-quality, solid home goods. Furniture, accessories, appliances, lighting, rugs and artwork are all welcome.

2. Categorize Carefully. Choose a category for your ad. This helps others a lot. If you think your ad could live in two categories, fine, but don’t list it in all of them.

3. Provide Details. To aid buyers, be sure to include dimensions, conditions and designer/store/brand/manufacturer if applicable, as well a clear description of your item.

4. Picture, Please. Uploading is easy and pictures make a sale.

5. Don’t Be Mean. Participate for the good of this site and one another. Goodness matters here.

Thanks to Sara Kate of Apartment Therapy:The Kitchen for her guidelines!