AT Chicago is Two!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Time has flown and we’ve grown a lot since our first birthday. Last year we celebrated by taking a look at the oh-so-scientific surveys that we run to find out about the AT Chicago reader – we are rerunning that “portrait” here and adding to it with the surveys from our second year of blogging. Enjoy….

During our second year online, these fascinating facts came to light: You have a deck or terrace that you enjoy, you don’t compost, but say that you’d like to and are evenly split on the whole fireworks thing. You definitely make your own coffee in the morning, are lucky enough to have recycling pick-up at your building and are dreaming of a beach vacation. You relax at home on a day off, drinking your delicious tap (or Brita) water, except for when you are sipping your java or watching Project Runway. You wish you had a fireplace to go along with your beloved coasters and Louis Ghost chair. Your loved ones get gifts wrapped in whatever’s on sale, and it most likely is not a macrame-related item. Finally, you keep your bedroom door open and wish that Johnny Depp would do the same!

Which helps complete the portrait we started on this day last year, when we found out that…You like showers. Live on the Northside, in a household with no kids (well, maybe one). If you own, your mortgage is between $800-1500 per month, and if you rent, it’s under $1000. Your place is between 650 and 1200 square feet. You are an expert thrifter, who cleans up every other week and pays bills online. You have a Mac and are brave enough to live without a nightlight in the bathroom. You hit snooze quite a few times before getting up, which means you may be staying up too late, perhaps because you drink both coffee and tea? Oh, and, of course, you shred.

Thanks from all of us at AT: Chicago for reading and being part of our community!

Photo: Birthday Cupcake With Lit Candle — Image by Royalty-Free/Corbis