Organizing the Attic Series with Liz Seymour

Organizing the Attic Series with Liz Seymour

Rachael Grad
Jul 29, 2008

Have you been following the Washington Post's attic organization series? We posted on it at the beginning of the series and have since been loyally reading... and wondering: how much of this applies to those of us whose apartments are smaller than Liz Seymour's 700 square ft. attic? Next week is the final article. Below the jump is a summary of the topics covered and links to the various articles...

Professional organizer Caitlin Shear has been helping Post writer Liz Seymour clear out her attic. The Post is reporting this in a series of 11-week articles. Here are the past 10 weeks in the order that they've been tackling the mess:

1. Meet My Attic - realizing you want to reorganize a space!

2. Getting Started - grouping similar things together so you know what you have. This is preparation for separately going through each group.

3. Organizing Holiday Decorations - finding the right storage containers is key.

4. Organizing Books - this was a tough category to downsize.

5. Organizing Baby Gear - deciding what to keep when the kids are grown.

6. Organizing China, Crystal, Linens and Silver - finding forgotten treasures and deciding whether to keep them.

7. Organizing Furniture - what to do with heirlooms.

8. Organizing Photographs - sorting, storing and keeping film negatives.

9. Organizing Paper - what to scan (financial statements, etc.) and for how long.

10. Organizing the Husband's Stuff - music, old clothing and random collections.

If you've read this far, you must be interested. So tell us, what do you think of this series? Have any of Liz Seymour's experiences and Caitlin Shear's tips been helpful or inspiring to you?

[photos from the Washington Post]

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