AT Editors Spill: What's the Best Thing You've Bought for Your Home?

AT Editors Spill: What's the Best Thing You've Bought for Your Home?

Jennifer Hunter
Apr 27, 2015

Just like you, we Apartment Therapy editors are always bringing new stuff into our homes. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it turns out to be a waste of money and once in a while, we hit the jackpot. So what have we bought that just knocked it outta the park? We'll tell you.

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Honestly, the answer to this question probably changes every six months or so, but my current "best thing" is an Alexander Calder print (originally done as part of a series for Braniff Airlines in the 60s) that we found at the Chicago Antique Market last summer. I brought it home and stuck it up on the mantel, thinking that it would sit there for a little bit until I decided where it would really go, but I love how it looks so much, it's become the permanent spot.

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The best decor I ever bought is the two vintage wooden chocolate molds (I think that's what they are) I picked up my last day of a trip to Amsterdam. I tend to never leave room for souvenirs in my luggage, but I had such a great time on this trip I just didn't want to leave the city without something. I saw these two guys in an outdoor vintage goods market. I picked them up for nearly nothing, and while I'm sure they're not worth much, I display them in my kitchen and they always make me smile and remember the great trip I had.

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I have waxed poetic about it before, but I still think the smartest thing we've bought for our home is our crib, the Stokke Sleepi. At $1200 it is one of our more expensive purchases, but, after nearly 7 years it's definitely on our "no regrets" list. Not only do we still love the way it looks, the smaller size and wheels have given us tons of flexibility in our small apartment. It has moved from beside our bed to a corner of our bedroom, to my son's room and then all over again for our daughter. I expect this may be our last year with this crib and I'm excited to hand it down to a friend!

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My Blu Dot x Fab Strut table in orange. Since I'm normally a thrift & secondhand shopper, dropping over $500 on a single item was tough, but it's so simple and versatile, yet the color makes a statement. I used it as a desk in my jewel box Style Cure makeover, and in my new apartment, it's my dining table. It's something I see sticking with me for a long time.

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My favorite thing I've ever bought from my home was my old sofa, which, sadly, I had to leave in Houston because it wouldn't fit in my new apartment. When I was looking for a couch I found this one at an antique store, but decided it was too expensive. But I couldn't stop thinking about it, so like a year later when I finally had some money, I went back to the same antique store, hoping to find something similar. And there it was, the same couch, and I bought it. It was like it was meant to be.

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Mine is so practical it surprised even me. I recently bought myself a bedside water carafe and it pretty much changed my life. I never realized how thirsty I get during the night. Even though I used to keep a glass of water next to my bed, I would often forget or it would spill. Having a sleek vessel that I can keep full (and is closed on top — less dust!) is so much better. I can wake up and take a quick drink without a fuss. I feel much healthier.

Now it's your turn. Help us out and tell us the best thing YOU ever bought.

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