AT Email: Jim Denevan, Photos to Inspire – 4.4.08

April 4, 2008

But I digress. What an amazing week it has been. With the first shoots popping up in the little greenhouse on our kitchen table, no longer needing to wear gloves outside and a friend tipping us off to an awesome new music source called (don’t sign in, just click), it feels like the time for new things all around. Then my friend sent me this email (don’t we all have friends like this?):

“super cool dude i thought you both would dig… he’s an artist who makes immense drawings in sand ( and a food visionary who creates moveable feasts across the country ( – SK you may have already heard of him. but either way, thought of you.”

While Sara Kate is primarily interested in Jim Denevan’s food business, I am more drawn to his hobby, his sideline, his totally irrational attachment to drawing in the sand. Like Andy Goldsworthy, Jim Denevan heads out into nature and finds new ways to express himself without computers, upscale tools or even an audience. Thank goodness for photography.

“After finding a good stick and composing himself in the near and far environment Jim draws– laboring up to 7 hours and walking as many as 30 miles.”

I covet the photographs of these unique events and without telling you where to find them (because I don’t yet know), I hope that you are both inspired and intrepid should you want to find them with me.

Have a great weekend,


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