AT Email: My Toolbox for Living, Special Helpers - 3.4.08

AT Email: My Toolbox for Living, Special Helpers - 3.4.08

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 4, 2008

March 4, 2008

Like this toolbox? I found it here along with a link on how to build it yourself.

For those of you who would like to complete a project on their home this Spring, I urge you to check out our Spring Cure, which is just getting going this week. I just posted an introductory post here that has a new feature: a sign up form that will officially mark your decision to make a difference in your home and help us get feedback from you. Everyone who gets on the bus, arrives at their destination. Join us, it's easy.

These next tools are what I call special helpers, because they are go one step further than your basic tools and will really help you out in a pinch.

1. 25' Tape Measure - While you may want a smaller tape measure for your home, I urge you to go big. A 25' measure is essential if you want to measure walls or quickly do floorplans. Keep a small one only as an extra. Also, check out Regina's favorite: the Stanley FatMax. I like it too.

2. Wire Stripper - This little guy is what you need if you do any electrical work whatsoever. Say you want to rewire a lamp? This makes your life so much easier.

3. Staple Gun - A staple gun is essential for quickly tacking everything from fabric around a chair to wires against a baseboard. A regular staple gun is fine, but if you want a great upgrade, go for the Arrow T25 which will allow you to powerfully tack wires as thick as television cable to your walls. This is great for hiding wires around your home.

4. Small Socket Wrench Set - When a pliers fails to remove a nut from a screw or when the screw is old and rusted together, a socket wrench is your savior. The torque that these things generate is amazing and you can take apart or put together a car, bicycle or air conditioner with one of these.

5. Level - While not totally essential, these are nice to have. I have a medium sized one like the one pictured (a Stabila Magnetic with a leather holster), but a small, cheap one will do fine. They are particularly good for quickly leveling art around your home.

Tomorrow I'm going to include a few materials in the box and one Thursday end up with a few painting supplies that are super handy around the house.




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