AT Email: My Toolbox for Living, a Cure Essential - 2.26.08

AT Email: My Toolbox for Living, a Cure Essential - 2.26.08

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 26, 2008

February 26, 2008

Where are your tools? Are they in a box? Under your bed?

Next week we begin our fifth Cure and the goal as always is to help each other complete at least one home improvement project during the next eight weeks. Why do we do this? Because our mission is to help people improve their homes, not just run the equivalent of a glossy shelter mag online. So, if you've got a project you want (or need) to get done, join us by following our Cure Posts and signing up next week in any one of our city sites.

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Meanwhile, we've been wanting to put together the essential toolbox for readers, so you know exactly what sorts of things you need (and don't need). Stealing from DWR's cool tagline "Tools For Living", which we're pretty sure they're about to launch as a stand alone store, here's our Toolbox For Living.

I'm a sucker for classic red toolboxes. They're sturdy, well sized (not too big) and they're red, which is helpful when you're trying to find it in the back of your closet. We bought ours at ACE hardware, but have included a few more good ideas for you below (BTW, we're not endorsing these sellers, just giving you links. Find them anywhere you want).

>> Simple Red Hip Roof Toolbox

>> Nice smaller version

>> 3 Tray Metal Toolbox

That said, I also like the idea of finding a used or vintage toolbox and found this one on Etsy. Here's the link for you to check out and find more. Obviously, eBay is good resource here as well. The nice light blue one up top we could not source.

Our professional rig is much more expensive. It's an aluminum hardcase by ZERO Halliburton that we bought at B&H Photo, but we've included a link for you as well below. It's light, strong and beautiful, but a bit big for the home, unless you're really ambitious. It also doesn't have compartments inside, but foam that you can customize. It's nice for travelling.

>> ZERO Halliburton Aluminum Cases

This is your first step, get yourself a good toolbox and make sure it's not plastic. Tomorrow we'll move onto the single most important tool you'll ever need: The Cordless Drill.

Best, Maxwell


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