AT Email: Rockin' New Tub Trug Colors - 1.17.08

AT Email: Rockin' New Tub Trug Colors - 1.17.08

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 17, 2008

January 17, 2008


On my trip to Atlantic Avenue last Saturday I stopped into a great store, GRDN, that is all about comfort food for the urban gardener (or wannabe). Sure, they sell pots, gardening tools and plants for small gardens, but they also sell yummy housewares like blankets, soaps, birdfeeders and even dishware. Though your stoop garden may be fallow, they have great style to share, even in the winter months.

The thing that caught my eye, however, was a new set of colored Tub Trugs that they had on display high on a shelf (above - grey, vanilla, translucent). Tub Trugs are awesome flexible plastic storage bins that were designed for outdoor use, but are great and novel for home use. We use them in our office as wastepaper baskets and sell them in our AT shop. They are best sellers due to their high function and low cost.

While they used to come in just a few bright colors (we only sell their distinctive orange), they have recently added a host of new colors, so many in fact that the choice is a bit dizzying. Enter the good eyes at GRDN. They cherry picked these soft off whites out of the whole lineup and put them together to great effect. So much of good design is in the editing and this edit is one to take advantage of.

Tub Trugs start at around $8 each for the small size and go up to medium, large, extra large and shallow (really cool). We recommend the more muted colors (at top) or the orange (available through our AT Shop). You can find the whole collection through, Stacks and Stacks, or at the very very cool Plastica out of Los Angeles.


Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan



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