DeWire. DeLovely.

DeWire. DeLovely.

Dec 18, 2006

(Welcome to Joey, one of the finalists vying for a blogging position at the upcoming AT:Home Tech. Comment away.)

You're one of those stylish and tech-savvy people who know the benefits of surround sound and HDTV. You've purchased your requisite seven speakers, receiver, flat-screen television, universal remote and a DVD collection to rival that of Blockbuster. There's only one problem. You have wires running EVERYWHERE. Maybe it's because you rent, or maybe the thought of knocking out drywall and drilling through the walls of your pre-war Classic Six sends shivers up your spine (and not in the good way).

The good folks at DeCorp have a solution for you—DeWire. Armed with some spray adhesive (available on their website), DeWire sticks to your walls, ceiling, and floors, bends around corners and connects your home theater with the same fidelity of standard speaker wire. Then the magic happens. With some compound material (also available on their website) applied with a putty knife, you cover and sand over the wires, just like patching a hole in the wall. Then simply paint or paper and your wires are hidden. HIDDEN. As in invisible. If you do a good enough job of it, when you move you can just cut the wires at the connectors and patch the ends without anyone being the wiser. You might not want to do that though, as your landlord or potential buyer just might fall in love with the idea.

A love like that doesn't come cheap, though. At just over $2 a foot, you probably won't be making the purchase unless you are really into covering up your wires. Then again, if you weren't concerned with that you'd probably not be on this website. That said, to save a little green you might consider using it only where you need it, blending it with regular speaker wire where it can be tucked behind furniture, etc.

There are a myriad of connectors available, and DeCorp now offers audio/video cable as well. Electrical cable is awaiting approval from Underwriters Laboratory.


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