At Home With Greer and The Notorious F.I.G.

At Home With Greer and The Notorious F.I.G.

Gregory Han
Nov 18, 2013

Name: Greer
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Your Pet's Name: Fig (full name: The Notorious F.I.G.)

When did he/she come into your life? Fig came into my life in 2010, when she just about a year old. She was rescued from the desert north of Los Angeles, had been struck by a car, and subsequently suffered some physical abuse. When I got her she had a broken leg and hip, but was otherwise in remarkable shape, all things considered.

Where would we most likely find your pet in your home?: For the most part, she’s wherever I am. I’ve never had a dog who was as people-oriented as her! She’s not a fan of most other dogs, but she lives to please whatever people are around. When I’m cooking in the kitchen, she parks it on the chair near the font door, so she can keep one eye on me and one on the squirrels that taunt her from the fence outside, or scrounges around at my feet for dropped scraps of food. When I’m in my bedroom, she lays by my side (yes, she’s allowed on the bed…when it comes to snuggling, Fig is unrivaled!).

She also has a bit of a knack for finding my most precious things in a space and plopping herself on or as near as possible to them. Some examples: If I leave my leather jacket on the couch, she’ll find it and keep it warm for me. If I set my workbag down on the bed, it will likely have a Fig-shaped dent in the side of it by dinner. When I’m catching up on the Daily Show in the evening, she likes to have her chin resting on the laptop. I have a collection of vintage clothing on a garment rack in my bedroom (my most prized possessions outside of Fig!).

She started sleeping beneath them, so I relocated her bed there. She seems to be drawn to them as much as I am! This may be more relevant to the next question, though…I guess she likes to be a part of the action, so she seeks out the things and places that I’ve given attention to?

Pet specific features of the home: Generally Fig is really low maintenance. When we’re not out walking the neighborhood, she’s usually lazyng around somewhere in my eye line…except for the daily window when she becomes possessed with insane, frenetic energy and speed (generally called “The Zoomies”), and sprints all over the house.

We’ve arranged the dining area and living room into a bit of a track, so she has plenty of room to run and ample space when cornering. Our house is split-level, so we’ve cleared the area out in front of the steps so she can fling herself from the upper hallway into the main living space, taking all five steps in one glorious leap!

Favorite snack: Whatever I'm cooking that is palatable for her. I don't generally do packaged dog treats. I'm very conscious when it comes to my own diet (local, organic, gluten-free), which has become a pretty substantial share of the IG feed. She loves whatever fruit, vegetable, and protein castoffs I give her. Blueberries, carrots, and cured meat are the usual suspects.

Favorite toy: A regular, boring tennis ball. She is obsessed (even when sleeping). The obnoxiously loud gator my mom sent is her second favorite.

What do you love most about living with your pet? It’s been such a long journey rehabilitating her physically and mentally over the past three years. Our bond continues to get stronger and stronger, beyond what I had previously thought possible! I’m a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady and have put a lot of time and energy towards her care.

Earlier this year, I took my dog-lady tendencies to the next level and started a daily Instagram feed, @ThePlanarPibble, in which I balance various items from my life and surroundings on her head. The first few weeks, I didn’t think twice about what props I would employ in these photos, but as time went on and I went through the obvious choices, I was forced to really reconsider and examine what was in my home in a new way. Surprisingly, her cute, broad, flat, brindle head and her willingness to sit patiently while I mess with her has fundamentally shifted the way I look at my personal space and what’s in it (now, always with a bend towards the details and ‘Do you think I could get that to stay on Fig’s head?!’).

The growing photo collection is becoming a record of my life, preserving one small snippet of each day; what I was eating, doing or thinking about. It’s been so gratifying to look back through the collection, and to share it with others who seem to get equally as much joy from them as I do! Fig has become inextricably tied to my physical home environment and my life in general.

Thanks, Greer & Fig!

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