AT Interviews: Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

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If you can fill a closet with stylish, comfortable clothes,
you can fill a home with furniture, with an equally comfortable end result. That’s the premise behind “Let’s Get Comfortable”, the new book from furniture showmen Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams and co-auther Mindy Drucker.

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AT sat down with the charming and stylish Texan, Bob Williams, one half of furniture company and dashing duo Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Bob talked about why you shouldn’t be afraid of your sofa, a naked room, or a nearly naked guy in one of their ads…

Lots of great tips and industry insight from a company that values pets, equal rights, charitable giving and responsible living as much as they do a really sexy modern take on a Chesterfield sofa.

The AT Top 9

1. What’s the smallest home you’ve ever lived in?

My room at the YMCA in NYC. It was 5′ x 9′. I lived there for 9 months when I first moved to the city. After that came an only slightly larger studio apartment on 17th St.

2. What’s the last thing you bought for your own home?

More McCoy pottery and a big white wooden bench to go on my porch, all at the flea market.

3. If you had to furnish one room in your own home from scratch all from one source, what would it be?

Our own stores because all the things we offer are things I would have in my own home–and I do.

4. What’s your favorite spot in your own home?

My mud room. All my McCoy pottery and flea-market finds are there. It is the one space where I can work on all my different projects and make as big a mess as I want without having to worry about damaging or disturbing anything in the house. It is my room.

5. How often do you cook?

Never. Cereal and yogurt in the morning is the closest I come to anything in the kitchen.

6. What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

BluejeansCoffeeApplecomputersandMagazines…is that one word? It should be.

7. Where should people splurge in their homes? Where should they save?

Splurge on towels and sheets and chairs–things they will use every day. And one of the best ways to save is to recycle things you own. For instance, move that chest from the bedroom to the living room where people can see it and where it can be display space for a collection and extra storage.

8. What designer do you admire?

Ralph Lauren–his products are very luxe. Calvin Klein–his products are very modern. They’re two of the greatest American designers ever.

9. What makes a home comfortable?

The person living there. And it’s more than the furnishings they pick. It’s things like the way they make their guests feel welcome, and the small personal things they add to a room–their collections and photos and any other things that speak about them.

– Patrick (the other one)