At Last, November

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We found ourselves stuck in Burbank during rush hour yesterday (being Los Angeles, “rush hour” starts around 3:00). Because we see avoiding traffic at all costs an absolute necessity, we decided to hang out for a few hours in the mysterious land that we only know from our Studio days. We headed for Ikea and the Great Indoor store, but got sidetracked (read: lost) and ended up in the little walking mall on San Fernando Blvd.

It was a bit surreal, as hundreds of dazed, 4-year-old Darth Vader and princess trick or treat-ers (and their parent/escorts) strolled the sidewalks in search of candy. It seems that parents are now using strip malls as their safe place for Halloween. So in 2005, the stoned, punk rock kid in “Goth-drag” handing out candy from the door of Urban Outfitters is apparently safer than the family that lives two doors down.

For some of the multi tasking parents, this was a great opportunity to take advantage of the kids’ sugar high meltdowns. If the kid is crying anyway (and they all were), why not check out the new “Hippy quilts and pick up some scented candles? After yesterday it seems clear to us that Halloween is not something that children instinctively love, it’s forced on them until they learn to see it as tradition.

Now that it’s over we can admit that we hate Halloween. It scares us to see strangers in plastic masks coming towards us. And we hate what the holiday has done to orange.

Thank god it’s November. Truly a month of color that thrills us. Leafs and gourds and pumpkin pie. Now if we can only get LA to calm down with the “more is more” decorations and take some hints from nature. The happiest of holidays is just around the corner…that is as long as we reinvent it as a time for family and friends and less about that whole stealing land and calling it our own.

Happy November!