AT Links Drive: Send Us Your Link!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We get lots of emails asking for links to our site and it is simply too much for us to deal with most of the time. This month, however, we’re dealing and making the most of it. We’re inviting all of you who have blogs and would like to share links with us to send us an email. We’ll then put you up on our main page below our Site Meter, under “more friends”. Right now we have 3,753 links to our URL. In August, we’re going to link people back and make the number grow.

While other sites beg, pay or steal to raise their web ranking, we would rather extend our base on friendly terms: We’re inviting fellow home and design bloggers to help us all lift our web ranking together. If you are interested, read on…


All home and design blogs which are written by real folks and display links on their front page. This is not open to stores or vendors.


Send us your URL in an email to jill (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com, and we’ll check you out. When we put your link up we’ll send you an email and check you out within five days for our link.