These Are Our Editors’ MVPs (Most Valuable Products) of the Year — So Far

updated Apr 26, 2024
We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.
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Credit: Jessica Isaac

We may only be a few months into 2024, but if you think our editors haven’t already racked up a bunch of favorite home finds, you’d be sorely mistaken. We basically get paid to shop here at AT, so you can always expect an expert recommendation on anything from the comfiest sleeper sofa to the best-smelling laundry detergent. Given the positive reader feedback on our first AT MVPs post, we take it that you, our readers, enjoy being able to see all of our recs in one spot. As a result, we’ve continued the franchise with a dedicated 2024 edition, which you can bookmark and return to for the latest on our top performers. Need some new decor for your living room? Looking for your next favorite carpet cleaner? Scroll down, because we’ve got you covered. There’s no doubt that as the year goes on, the list will get more precise, providing you with our most recent tried-and-true favorites.

So what makes an item a Most Valuable Product? Basically, it’s something our editors have personally owned, tested, or bought and — most importantly — loved. These products are durable, practical, and stylish where needed, and they fall into many different categories. We’ve already recommended them to friends and family, and now it’s your turn to get in on the fun. Each of our picks is nothing short of game-changing, and we’re confident that if you give them a try, you’ll think the same!

Cleaning, Storage & Organization

1 / 10

As she noted in her review, Best List editor Britt loves the Brightroom stackable cabinet organizers so much, she drove to two different Target stores to find them after initially spotting them. "That little addition to my space helped me clear my countertop clutter and made it possible to unpack the remaining moving boxes for the bathroom that held small items like skincare products, makeup, and other personal care items," she wrote. "The drawers move fluidly and don’t stick, and I no longer have to reach far into my dark bathroom cabinets to find my everyday essentials." The drawers are prone to selling out, so if you see them in stock online, snag them ASAP!

2 / 10

Dish sponges can quickly become smelly and grimey, but you won't experience those problems with Dotti's Super Scrubber. That's because each sponge is made from odor-repelling antibacterial silicone and is dishwasher-safe, which also means this essential cleaning tool will last longer. "You can use it to tackle dish, counter, shower, and tile scrubbing without a problem: Think of it as your all-in-one cleaning sponge!" wrote commerce SEO writer Haley after trying the Super Scrubber for herself. "In summary, it’s a cuter, cleaner cousin to the ordinary sponge — an upgrade that’s well deserved, if you ask me."

3 / 10

There's arguably no area in the home that gets messy as quickly as the spot under your kitchen or bathroom sink. This under-sink cleaning caddy will not only keep your cleaning products organized but also allow you to easily bring them to whichever room you're cleaning. "Although it’s made to be stored under the sink, YouCopia’s SinkSuite can go anywhere that’s most convenient for you," Britt wrote. "I’ve kept it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and now it’s placed in a spacious closet alongside many of our other household essentials... It fits into your lifestyle instead of forcing you to jump through hoops to make it work."

4 / 10
was $89.99

When it comes to different vacuum styles, we don't discriminate between stick, upright, or robot models. Really, it's about finding the perfect machine for your space. No matter your needs, we think everyone could benefit from a good handheld vacuum. Senior commerce editor Alicia swears by this BLACK+DECKER pick, which gets into all of her apartment's hard-to-reach corners. She also loves its impressive pick-up ability. "Despite cleaning every surface in my apartment with the handheld vacuum, it still didn’t run out of battery," she wrote. "Because of its powerful suction, you don’t need a 30-minute cleaning session. I can’t see anyone needing to use it for more than 15 minutes at a time."

5 / 10

There are tons of tabletop organizers to consider, from tiered Lazy Susans to travel cases complete with wheels. But at the end of the day, everyone needs a classic, catch-all drawer set for all those stray items your home accumulates. Britt highly recommends this little three-drawer number from mDesign, one of our favorite organization brands here at AT. "I have other acrylic organizers that have cracked at the slightest use, but these drawers... haven’t given me any trouble in the weeks I’ve had them," she wrote. She adds that you can buy multiple and stack them on top of one another, plus there's no limit to the kinds of things you can store inside.

6 / 10

Utilizing under-bed storage space is the ultimate organization hack for tiny apartments, but finding the right bins for your out-of-season linens can prove difficult. Not to worry, though — we found a set that's as pretty as it is functional. These StorageWorks boxes have been lifesavers for Alicia, who praised their capacity and durability. "I tend to overpack every organizer I come in contact with, just based on the fact that I live in an apartment with not a lot of storage space, and these bins held up despite me overfilling them," she wrote. Really, there's nothing to contemplate. Snag a set now, and neatly stow away winter coats, blankets, boots, and more.

7 / 10

Sometimes, it can feel like your closet is going to burst at any second. Prevent major pile-ups with a hanging organizer such as this multi-compartment find. Britt loves that she can disassemble hers to suit her closet's specific needs. "I knew for certain that I wanted to keep the top of the organizers open for access since I’d be keeping leggings and a few sweaters there," she wrote. "In the drawers, I placed the bulk of my thick winter socks, hair accessories, and my collection of laundry bags. After putting them away, I still had space left in the drawers for more items and my closet was completely clutter-free!" Just be mindful not to place overly heavy items inside the shelving system.

8 / 10

Pet parents (and regular parents) know what a struggle it can be to keep carpets and upholstery free of spots and stains. That's where the Dirt Devil portable spot cleaner comes in. Alicia's sister Bre, who has two dogs, regularly uses it to spot-clean dust, dirt, and other unwanted substances from her home. “I have owned several spot cleaners, but the Dirt Devil is by far my favorite!” she told Alicia. “I own two large dogs, and it is a lifesaver when cleaning pet stains off the carpet and couch. It removes the stain in around 5-10 seconds. I even deep-cleaned my couch cushions and was shocked by how much dirt it pulled out!” And because the spot cleaner is portable, it's easy to move from room to room.

9 / 10
was $74.00

Our staffers and readers have been big fans of the Broombi for a couple of years now, but it was only recently that Mark, our director of commerce, tried the silicone broom for himself. This set came with a broom, dustpan, and mini broom. What sets the Broombi apart from traditional models is its silicone edge, which can clean up wet spills and squeegee glass, as well as sweep up dust and crumbs. "When I first got the Broombi, I accidentally spilled some Grape Nuts cereal on my kitchen floor," Mark wrote. "With just two swipes of the broom, all of the cereal was gathered together, and with one more swipe, every single tiny bit made it into the dustpan." He was equally impressed with the Broombi's ability to clean liquid messes.

10 / 10

If your windows, kitchen backsplash, and stovetop look a little grimy, there's a simple and compact tool you can purchase to clean them. This handheld scrubber comes with five Scrub Daddy sponge attachments, and Morgan can attest that it simplified an otherwise tedious chore in her home. "After adding this device to my deep cleaning routine, I don’t think I’ll need to scrub at my counters and bathroom as frequently as I used to — it cuts through that much grime," Morgan wrote. "After I was done, my counters had quite literally never looked better, even compared to when I moved in." To clean the sponges, you just have to rinse them in the sink, so the scrubber is completely hassle-free.

Furniture & Bedroom Essentials

1 / 12
was $49.95

If you suffer from headaches, you know it can be difficult to find an effective remedy. SEO commerce editor Sarah tested the TikTok-viral TheraICE headache relief cap and found it helpful for alleviating her headaches. "Nothing has come close to the relief that this cap has provided me, and I attribute it to the fact that it doubles as a compression device," she wrote in her review. "Being that it is made to stretch over the head, its fitted design offers cold compression that can adapt to any head shape on its own, no adjusting of weird bands or straps needed." Additionally, the cap's cooling gel is weighted, though you can use it either hot or cold.

2 / 12
Sijo Home
was $70.00

The wrong pillow not only has the power to disrupt your sleep, but it can also cause you to overheat throughout the night. But after sleeping on Sijo's FluffBase pillow one hot summer night, Britt was pleasantly surprised to wake up and find that it had kept her cool and comfortable all night. She also noted that it provides plenty of support. "I’m not exactly a restful sleeper," she wrote. "I tend to turn from my side to my stomach to my back at any given hour of the night (or morning), and despite all of that, Sijo’s Fluffbase pillow still provides amazing support. It’s soft, but not too soft, so I never felt like I had to squish and squeeze it to move the fill around to get comfortable." In short, the cooling eucalyptus pillow is the perfect year-round bedding stable for all kinds of sleepers.

3 / 12
Pottery Barn
was $149.00

Not only do you need the right bedding to ensure a positive sleep experience, but you also want effective window coverings. For light sleepers, we strongly suggest investing in blackout curtains like this Best List-winning find from Pottery Barn. "I have used these Pottery Barn curtains for over a year, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon," Alicia wrote in her review. "I can’t even see my hand in front of my face." She also noted that the curtains are quite stylish, too. They're available in five calming neutral hues, so you'll easily be able to style them with other decor.

4 / 12
Bear Mattress
was $2305.00

After a history of back problems, Ian, our sister site's senior commerce editor, decided to give this Bear Elite Hybrid mattress a try. With its hand-quilted cushion cover, three layers of supportive foam, and two layers of coils, this cooling mattress had him sleeping like a baby. "Besides the unparalleled cooling power, my favorite aspect of the Elite Hybrid is that it’s the perfect compromise for my girlfriend and I — but it doesn’t feel like a compromise," he wrote. "I feel like I got the better end of the deal with a firm mattress, while my girlfriend thinks she got the better end of the deal with a soft mattress." In the end, it's sweet dreams all around.

5 / 12
was $69.99

Technically, you could place this slim tower fan in any room, but we deemed it a bedroom essential because it's a great way to prevent overheating throughout the night. Former AT commerce SEO writer Nic loves the fan's ability to cool down the largest room in his apartment in under five minutes, as well as its noiseless design and 90-degree oscillation. "If you’re tired of your A/C unit or just want a convenient way to keep your home cool that doesn’t add an eyesore to your window, you’re going to love this tower fan," he wrote.

6 / 12
was $239.00

If you're into a tidy, put-together bedspread look, Brooklinen's organic core sheet set might not be for you. Personally, though, I prefer a more lived-in, effortless appearance, so these are perfect. The sheets' 100 percent organic cotton percale material is breathable and lightweight, making the set ideal for warmer months and climates. Plus, they're available in five soothing colors that'll further add a relaxed, boho aesthetic to your bed. If you like staying covered without feeling stifled, grab your own set now!

7 / 12

So many office chairs, especially the more luxurious models, tend to sport oversized silhouettes that don't lend themselves to small spaces. But Mark found this X-Stack chair that's simultaneously high-quality, reasonably priced, and compact. "Compared to my big folding chair, it seemed almost tiny," he wrote of its collapsible design. "But at the same time, it had everything the folding chair didn’t — Wheels! Armrests! A pivoting backrest! I couldn’t wait to take it for a spin." For those who work from home, this ergonomic model is an absolute must-have.

8 / 12
Stearns & Foster

If you prefer a firm mattress, you know what a challenge it can be to find one that's also supportive. But after trying the Stearns & Foster Estate mattress, which comes in both firm and soft versions, Alicia knew she'd found the bed of her dreams. "The Stearns & Foster Estate mattress’s memory foam conforms to my shape," she wrote. "My body feels supported, but this firm mattress isn’t so hard that I feel uncomfortable, like with my previous mattress. It also isolates movement. I can still tell when my boyfriend rolls over, but if he shifts his sleeping position, the mattress doesn’t even move." You'll also find its memory foam to stay cool throughout the night, preventing discomfort and overheating.

9 / 12

Any bed that boasts built-in storage and looks as stylish as Castlery's Dalton bed is an MVP in our book. Specifically, the Queen size features three deep drawers under the frame. After acquiring his Dalton bed, Ian noted that the drawers slide open while blending in seamlessly with the rest of the frame. "It’s as comfortable as can be and supports my mattress like a dream," he wrote. "The storage, though, is the best part: The drawers aren’t actually attached to the bed, which sounds strange, but it’s genius. They sit on rollers directly on your floor and magnetically latch into place when pushed in. That means much less hassle if you have to move or disassemble the bed later on."

10 / 12
was $129.99

A simple way to combat drowsiness and a lack of focus while working from home is to add a standing desk to your office setup. Standing desks can take up a lot of space and cost you a pretty penny, but Alicia managed to find this relatively inexpensive converter, which transforms her boyfriend's desk into a standing one. "The desk just shoots up to the height I want it to be," she wrote. "It doesn’t take up much space in my small Brooklyn one-bedroom and doesn’t disrupt the existing configuration of my boyfriend’s desk." Plus, the converter is portable, so if two people are working from home, you can move it to a different area from the office.

11 / 12

If you've been working at home from an uncomfortable couch or dining chair, this chic Amazon alternative will allow you to type away in both comfort and style. Haley gets non-stop compliments on hers, writing, "Every time I settle into it, I’m blown away by how comfortable it is. The genuine leather seat is so plush, making long hours of sitting a breeze, while the breathable rattan back keeps me cool no matter how demanding my work day gets." In short, your office chair doesn't have to detract from your interior aesthetic to be practical. Quite the opposite!

12 / 12

After sleeping on an uncomfortably firm mattress for months, I opted for this ultra-plush topper for Parachute and have never looked back. It's filled with plush microfiber, which is 100% hypoallergenic and doesn't cause me to overheat. I also love the mattress topper's baffle box design, which keeps the fill evenly distributed at all times. Since adding this essential to my bed, I've been sleeping much more soundly and waking up without aches or pains.

Travel & Outdoor Must-Haves

1 / 9

For those trips that don't require a full-on suitcase, you need an efficient duffle bag instead. This one was a hit with Morgan because it's under $25, looks cute, and folds up for easy storage when not in use. "After bringing it with me on my latest jaunt between New York and Texas, I was seriously impressed," she wrote. "Three shirts, a skirt, a pair of shorts, and a light jacket fit easily, with plenty of room to spare." She also noted that the bag was surprisingly sturdy, so it'll be able to hold winter wear without issue, too.

2 / 9
was $15.43

Finding a good travel adapter is tricky because there are so many shoddy products out there — and you won't know until they make smoke come out of your hair dryer. This is the one I trust for all of my international trips. Not only does it work without issue, but the budget-friendly adapter also features two USB ports in addition to the main outlet plug-in spot. It's available in 10 different styles, so you can pick the one you need based on where you're going. I've taken mine on multiple trips to Europe, and it has never failed me!

3 / 9

It can be difficult to stay hydrated when you're on the go, but Stanley's IceFlow Tumbler makes it much easier. It holds an impressive 30 ounces, and although it's selling fast, the tumbler is still available in a wide array of colors. Its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your beverage cold all day long, while its built-in flip-up sip spout lets you quickly seal the top to prevent any spillage. Managing commerce editor Tamara and senior commerce editor Alicia even prefer this bottle to the popular Stanley Quencher. "It’s better for carrying on the go thanks to the easy-to-use handle and leak-free design," Tamara said. "It’s my go-to for travel and workout classes."

4 / 9
Lo & Sons
was $168.00

Every traveler needs this versatile, hold-it-all tote bag, according to Sarah. It doesn't matter if you're using it as a carry-on for an international trip or as a weekend bag; you'll get tons of use out of it regardless. "It features everything from deep side pockets and multiple interior pockets (including a bottom compartment to keep shoes or dirty clothes separate from the rest of your belongings) to a key leash and a luggage sleeve that easily slips over most suitcase handles," Sarah wrote. And it goes without saying that this travel must-have is beyond stylish.

5 / 9

When you travel, you want to make sure you have all your essentials on hand no matter where you are. The best way to do that is by carrying this sleek and fashionable carry-on from Quince. The hard-shell suitcase quickly became a must-have for Mark after he took it on two trips. "The suitcase handled the 20-minute walk to Penn Station nicely, gliding smoothly across the bumpy pavement of the sidewalk and streets, and taking knocks from going up and down curbs like a champ," wrote Mark of his trip to Boston. "Once on board my train, the lightweight luggage easily fit into the overhead compartment and still looked as good as new."

6 / 9

This bug bite suction tool might look like a gimmick at first, but you'll be happy to learn that it really does work to expel venom, saliva, and stingers from your skin after a bite. Sarah swears by the gadget, especially during the warmer months. "The second I felt an itch, I grabbed my purse, pulled out the Bug Bite Thing, and got to work removing the venom," she wrote. "Much to my disbelief, it actually worked. The welt? Gone in minutes. The itch? Non-existent. I wondered to myself, 'Could it really be that easy?' Apparently so." For just $10, you can say goodbye to those pesky red splotches for good.

7 / 9

Your next beach day calls for a lightweight cooler that'll keep your food and drinks insulated without being a pain to haul to the shore. Style shopping editor Blair mostly uses this two-piece snack bag set to transport canned wine and beer during her own summer excursions, but she said the bags keep everything, even perishable snacks, cold for hours. "It works like a mini cooler, with no ice packs needed — just keep it in your freezer until you’re ready to use it, and the insulated interior keeps food or drinks cool for hours," she said of the PackIt bag. "Seriously, it’s remarkable... It’s the perfect size to toss in my beach bag, too."

8 / 9
was $19.99

Although restaurants seem to be catching on and installing purse hooks into their bars and tables, the hooks still aren't as prevalent as one would like. To avoid placing your bag on the ground the next time you go out for lunch, grab this ingenious purse hook instead. "To say this gadget has been life-changing is no joke," Sarah wrote. "I’ve used the Clipa2 everywhere. From restaurants and bars to bathrooms, parks, and even my work desk, this hanger is always with me, keeping my bags safe and sanitary." And, with its gold finish and simple design, this particular hook is one of the nicest-looking versions we've come across.

9 / 9

You wouldn't think it, but finding the right travel pillow can be just as tricky as finding the perfect bed pillow. Still, the Pod pillow from Pluto manages to check all the boxes. This Best List winner impressed Britt with its adjustable hooded design, cushiony foam fill, and built-in eye mask. "On a trip from Louisiana to California, I used the POD, and although I didn’t intend on falling asleep for the entire ride, I was surprised by how soundly I slept!" she said. "The eye mask helped make it feel like I wasn’t even on a plane and blocked out the light, even with the window open. I’ve been a fan ever since!"

Kitchen & Dining

1 / 7

A coffee machine than can make frozen, iced, and hot coffee and has a built-in blender for whipping up cafe-quality frappes? That's a true MVP. Morgan also appreciates how easy this Mr. Coffee machine is to use; after all, it only has four buttons — hot brew, over ice, blend, and pulse. "All of Mr. Coffee’s measurements and ratios have delivered perfect results thus far, and the pre-programmed blending option replicates a similar consistency to Starbucks’ frappes," she wrote. Indeed, the Mr. Coffee 3-in-1 is a must-have for summer, but the truth is you'll get plenty of use out of this compact appliance year-round.

2 / 7
Yamazaki Home

We're always looking for convenient and affordable food storage containers, and Yamazaki's bento containers check both boxes. They're also sleek and stylish, to boot! "The vacuum-sealing function is unique and effective, and I don’t worry about the Bentos opening up in my lunchbox when I’m commuting," Ian wrote in his review for our sister site. You can snag a box in either a square shape, which is nice and compact for snacks, or a rectangle shape, which is perfect for on-the-go meals.

3 / 7

It's no secret that we're huge fans of pretty much every home product Drew Barrymore releases, including this electric kettle from her aptly named Beautiful line. In fact, Britt loves it so much that we had to include it in our Best List roundup as the best budget-friendly option. "For such an affordable and stylish kettle, I was blown away by how quickly it boils water," Britt wrote in her review. "I’d start it, begin grabbing items for my breakfast, and the kettle would chime to let me know the water was ready before I’d have a chance to leave the kitchen!" This piece also features a digital touch display that's easy to read and lets you customize the kettle's settings with the push of a few buttons.

4 / 7

This is your sign to replace those raggedy kitchen towels you've been using for far too long. We suggest replacing them with something as stylish as it is durable, and these Coyuchi waffle towels are perfect. "The first time you use and wash these towels, this smooth weave design 'puckers' into a tight, high-performance waffle texture that absorbs water better than most other kitchen towels out there," Sarah wrote after trying them. "Essentially, these towels gain sponge-like absorbency, minus the drips that come with a regular kitchen sponge." And although the towels might seem pricey at first glance, keep in mind that you get six towels in one set.

5 / 7

Tackling kitchen trash odors is always a challenge, even if you frequently clean the container. With simplehuman's Odorsorb pods, you can at least keep your trash can from emitting bad smells in between empties. Britt tested the pods and said they really work, writing, "My apartment isn’t large, so if the trash can stinks, it’s apparent as soon as I step through the door. With an Odorsorb pod in place, the only smell anyone catches when they walk in is the citrus-scented reed diffuser on a shelf near the front door." Even better, the pods can adhere to any type of lidded trash can.

6 / 7
Le Creuset

It can be easy to fall into the trap of cycling through so-called "nonstick" pans that tend to lose their quality after a couple of months. For a one-and-done solution, Le Creuset's signature skillet is the way to go. "I love my signature skillet for giving me all the benefits of cast iron without any of the annoying baggage," Nic wrote of his own pan. "I can cook whatever I want in it — chicken thighs, hash browns, frittatas — without worrying about my food getting stuck. Then when I’m done, I don’t have to maintain any seasoning on the pan with some complicated oiling ritual — I just clean it and put it away like any other pan." Sure, the skillet might seem like a splurge in the moment, but keep in mind that you're saving lots of time, money, and energy in the long run.

7 / 7

We're all about space-saving solutions here at AT, so it's no wonder Alicia considers these stackable Joseph Joseph colanders to be game-changers in her kitchen. "I now have two colanders, and they take up half of the space that my last, single colander did," she wrote. "I love that they stack neatly into each other and have long handles. I sometimes hang the colanders off my dish-drying rack when I’m not using them. So, technically, I don’t even need to put them in a kitchen cabinet." She also loves the colanders' sizeable handles, which prevent hand burns and allow for easier draining.

Lighting & Decor

1 / 6
West Elm

There's arguably no better way to tie a space together than by implementing a rug. The cool thing about this one from West Elm is that it's lightweight enough for layering, yet durable enough for areas with heavy foot traffic. Plus, it's reversible! The rug is cream and red on one side, but if you want to switch it up, you can flip it to the cream and navy side. "It’s cozy, doesn’t slide much, and it has tied my space together, giving it a cohesive look," Alicia wrote in her review. "It also adds some much-needed warmth to my floors during the winter." No matter the season, this Persian-inspired piece will look right at home.

2 / 6

Just because something goes viral on TikTok doesn't mean it's worth purchasing... but this candle warmer lamp totally is, according to Sarah. "With its gold neck, neutral oak-colored base, and a glass shade that glimmered even before turning it on, I couldn’t help but let out an Owen Wilson-esque 'Wow' as I unpacked it," she wrote. "I cleared off the perfect spot for it, plugged it in, and marveled both at how stunning it looked lit up and how quickly it began melting my candle; The scent was immediately dispersed throughout my apartment and I, well, was in love." In essence, this lamp is the perfect marriage of style and function.

3 / 6

This clip-on ring light may be a favorite of TikTok creators and YouTubers, but Nic thinks it shines brightest as a home office or bedside light. Clip it to your desk or bedframe and position the gooseneck head to point exactly where you want it. You can adjust the light color and brightness whether you're reading before bed or lighting up your beautiful face for a Zoom call, and because it's powered via USB you can plug it into your computer if you don't have an outlet nearby. "My wife and I use these lights every night," Nic wrote, "and I’ll be holding on to mine for a long time."

4 / 6
was $55.99

As far as table lamps go, it doesn't get much swankier than this vintage-style dome find. Alicia came across hers on Amazon and was taken by how affordable the lamp was despite its expensive, gold-toned design. "I also like that it had space for two lightbulbs (not included), so you can adjust the brightness by pulling down on one or both of the chains," she wrote. "Plus, the chains are way more fun and easy to use than a traditional lamp switch." It's the ideal budget-friendly and practical decor piece for any reading corner.

5 / 6
Revival Rugs
was $199.00

Nothing ties a space together quite like a good rug. Sarah enjoys this machine-washable floor covering from Revival Rugs, noting that it's thick and soft despite its mildew-resistant properties. "Thanks to an accident with a glass of cranberry juice, I was able to put its washability to the test," she wrote. "And wouldn’t you know, not only was it a breeze to wash, but it left no stain behind!" You also can't ignore the rug's trendy check print, which is available in five colors.

6 / 6
was $95.99

Every small space dweller knows what a pain storage space (or a lack thereof) can be. That's why it feels like you've hit the jackpot when you find a fixture, like this floor lamp, that doubles as shelving. Nic says his was worth every last penny, so it's no wonder he bought two of them! "In my living room, the lamp has become my secondary entertainment center: it’s filled with board games, playing cards, and all my word games," he wrote. "In the bedroom, the shelves hold books and a small pile of folded clothes; it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better than draping them on my desk chair." The lamp also adds a soft warm glow to any space, which feels much better than harsh overhead lighting.

Bathroom Favorites

1 / 6

The wrong showerhead can disappoint with poor water pressure and prevent your hair and skin from looking their best. To help avoid hard water damage, Morgan recommends Jolie's filtered showerhead, which screws on in seconds. "I didn’t change anything about my shower routine, and even though it took a few weeks, I’ve noticed a difference in my hair most of all," she wrote. "Instead of lathering up shampoo every couple of days, I can go more days between washes now. My hair also appears shinier and more wavy than usual." Morgan also noted that her skin has improved since using the showerhead and that showering under it feels spa-like. That's a true MVP if we've ever seen one!

2 / 6
Cold Picnic

A major life hack is making your bath mat double as decor. You need one anyway, so why not opt for a mat as cute as this one from Cold Picnic? Inspired by '80s and '90s design, this floor covering sports a fun abstract pattern that'll catch every visitor's eye. Sarah loves hers for its cozy, plush pile and non-slip backing. "When I gave it a step test, I instantly loved that 1.) It stayed put and 2.) It felt luxuriously soft under my feet without enveloping them in the fabric," she wrote. "But the thing that sold it for me? How well it washed. When I pulled this mat out of the dryer, it was perfectly intact and somehow softer." In other words, it's perfect.

3 / 6
was $38.95

You might be wondering, What's so great about a shower curtain liner? But if you're in charge of keeping the shower clean in your household, then this water-resistant, machine-washable waffle weave liner will seem like a godsend. Britt said it's easy to install and detach from her regular shower curtain when laundry day rolls around. "I don’t have to take down the entire shower curtain when the liner needs to be washed," she wrote. "The liner detaches from the curtain so I’m not left with a bare bathtub, and the durable, water-repellent waffle weave fabric adds a stylish touch to my bathroom decor."

4 / 6
Cozy Earth
was $150.00

Whenever you can, it's important to invest in a set of really good bath towels that feel nice on the skin and absorb moisture quickly. Our top recommendation? Cozy Earth's ribbed terry bath towels, which Sarah found to be incredibly soft and true to expectations. "As I hopped out of the shower and wrapped myself up, I couldn’t help but smile," she wrote. "I was practically dry after the first unwrap!" Even better, each towel in this set has a hanging loop, so you can hook it onto your bathroom rack without worrying that it might slip off. The towels' ribbed texture is also nothing short of luxurious, and they hold up great after lots of washes.

5 / 6
Tuft & Paw

You probably weren't expecting to see cat litter amid our favorite bathroom products, but hey, your pets have to go, too. Cats are cute, not to mention a never-ending source of entertainment, so it's easy to see why their owners put up with certain unpleasantries, like litter tracking. For Tamara, what helped with this issue was investing in Tuft & Paw's Really Great Cat Litter. The name definitely fits the product because Tamara wrote, "If you’re beyond tired of the endless litter dust around your home and you’re willing to pay a little for some peace of mind, you’ll have no regrets swapping your old-school litter to this upgraded, modern version." The litter is also made from soybean product, which is better both for the environment and for your cats compared to traditional litters.

6 / 6
was $12.99

"Eight months ago, I bought my first downluxe curtain," Alicia wrote of this waterproof shower liner. "It took approximately seven months to start to look a little worse for wear and a little moldy at the eight-month mark, when I designed to replace it." If you've ever had a bathroom with poor ventilation, you know that that long of a lasting period is practically unheard of. The curtain liner also has three magnets at the bottom that adhere to the side of the tub to keep water from escaping the shower, further preventing that gross swampy feeling that can quickly overtake a small bathroom. If there was any doubt as to how much Alicia loves hers, she recently bought a second one.