Re-Nest On… Avoiding the Dollar Bin

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While running into a big-box store to grab a few essentials, we found ourselves oddly inclined to quickly peruse the dollar bin area… and almost immediately felt a sharp tinge of regret. It struck us then and there that nothing in the dollar bin would be a green-minded purchase; cheaply-made items that wouldn’t last long and probably weren’t necessary to begin with. Have you ever felt this way?

Since we’ve implemented more green living practices into our daily lives, we’ve felt the need for immediate gratification via cheap goods sharply decline. We’re no longer entranced by that feeling of, “But I want that adorable plastic notepad holder,” and instead the first thought is, “Well, that’s something we don’t need.” We wind up with, let’s face it, less crap, and come home having made thoughtful purchases (most of the time; we are human and we do succumb to consumerism once in a while!).

It’s one of those green living tenets that we are especially proud of, because for us it’s about more than just leaving the store without wasting money on things. In a broader sense, it’s a life lesson in consumerism and making choices that are good for us and good for the environment.

Have you found yourself in the same spot, making the same decision? Or are you still sometimes swayed by the cheap sticker price to buy something you don’t necessarily need?

(Image: Flickr member Boliyou licensed for use under Creative Commons)