AT on… Baths

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been reading The Eight-Step Home Cure and have to admit, we’re a little stuck on something. No, it’s not the cleaning or the throwing out, those things are all fine and well. It’s something altogether different, yet for some reason leaves us with a feeling of dread. It’s bathing, and it kind of creeps us out.

Don’t get us wrong, please, it’s not the cleansing part we don’t like. It’s just that we’d pick a shower over a bath any day of the week (and do, every day of the week). We believe Kramer said it best when he compared it to swimming in a pool of your own filth – no thanks. Maybe before bed we could pull it off, but for starting the day, a bath is something we’re having trouble convincing ourselves to do. Anyone else out there have this problem? Or if not, can you explain the appeal?

Image: homebug