AT on... Being Sick

AT on... Being Sick

Jun 6, 2008

I'm sick, and it stinks. I'm really trying not to fall into the whole pity party scenario and I'm also trying not to just collapse back into bed because, well, posts must be written. But here's the thing: Every time I get sick, be it a 24-hour stomach flu thing or a sinus infection, I never seem to have the right things in the house. Am I alone in this? Does everyone else keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet, fridge, library?

It's not as if my cupboard is entirely bare, but I never have Sprite on hand when I have an upset stomach. Last night I had to drag myself to the market for sore throat drops, chicken soup, juice. This morning I had to go back for sinus medicine. My head felt like it was about to explode, so I forgot the trashy magazines and tissues. (And of course, the library books I picked up the other day are boring. My TiVo is empty. And all my Netflix are en route.)

Luckily I do have the warm socks and furry dog mentioned in the comments on Gregory's post, Home Infirmary: Dealing With the Flu. And my comfort food reading, Laurie Colwin.

But still, although I live in a really tiny space (and try to keep only what I love and use), should I have all these things on hand, just in case? Do you?

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