AT on... Comfortable Conservation in the Dog Days of Summer

AT on... Comfortable Conservation in the Dog Days of Summer

Amber Byfield
Sep 10, 2009

Before summer began, we shared our energy saving success with you. Little did we know then, during a verdant spring, that we were in store for the record-breaking hottest Texas summer on record. But there's good news to report: we continued to save energy! Read on to find out how...

Our electric bill hit record lows this summer, opposite of the heat. In fact, the bill was lower all summer than it had been in the winter, when we'd already saved compared to the year before!

These low summer bills are directly attributable to our checklist of energy-saving measures, all of which we've advocated before here on Re-Nest:

• Keeping the air at or above 78 degrees (for about 12 hours each day, ours is set at 80), except for a few hours in the evening when we drop it to 74, and utilizing the programmable thermostat to regulate it.

• Following the guidelines on our CycleSaver water heater device, which keeps the water heater off at peak energy times. This means we only use hot water when the cycle is at its most efficient, and the hot water heater doesn't have to crank up at times when there's already a lot of energy being used.

Turning off or unplugging unecessary lights and appliances.

And, finally...
Living without a television for most of the summer.

Despite the record temperatures and our energy-saving techniques, we remained quite comfortable. That's not to say we're not enjoying this "cold snap" where the high is only 95... But we're inspired by our savings and can't wait to beat our own record next year.

Have you noticed savings in your household, too?

(Image: Flickr member Phil Romans licensed under Creative Commons.)

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