AT on ... Creating a Peaceful, Green Bedroom

AT on ... Creating a Peaceful, Green Bedroom

Stephanie Kinnear
Jan 13, 2010

Of all the rooms in my apartment, I probably spend the least amount of conscious time in my bedroom. Still, I consider it the most important room in regards to my health. So I pay extra-special attention to keeping it as green and as peaceful as possible.

I'm one of those people who needs a lot of sleep, and I'm pretty good about getting close to 7 hours every night (sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less). I don't have much trouble sleeping, but I've still done a few things to my room to make it extra sleep-inducing.

I got rid of the television. We used to have a TV in the bedroom, but then we decided that watching TV in bed was a habit we wanted to break. So we ousted it. Now the bedroom is reserved for sleeping and reading.

I also bought a true HEPA air purifier. It's pretty awesome. Not only has it seemingly cured some of my allergy issues, it also has a peaceful hum that puts me right to sleep. I like a little background noise.

We've also invested in allergen-barrier cases for our pillows (normal pillowcases slip right over them) and really soft 100% organic sheets from Target. I know some readers aren't happy with them, but we love ours.

What do you do in your bedroom to make it peaceful and healthy?

(Image: Flickr member chatirygirl licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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