AT on... Customer Service

AT on... Customer Service

Mar 18, 2008

Yesterday I had a truly awful customer service experience while furniture shopping. I don't think of myself as a particularly demanding customer, but when preparing to spend a significant chunk of change on a new piece of furniture I expect a basic level of congeniality and patience from the salesperson I'm working with. What I don't expect is to be talked down to, not listened to, and made to feel like I'm wasting the salesperson's time with my questions. It was, frankly, upsetting.

At the time I tried to brush it off, but it kept digging at me, so after I got home I did something I've never done before - called the manager of the store and complained. The experience with the manager was perfect: He apologized for my experience, asked in detail what had happened, gave me his name and direct number and said he hoped we would come back in to give the store another chance by working with another associate.

It made me feel better about the whole thing, and since my shopping partner and I liked the product we were looking at, we probably will return and work with another salesperson. However, I could see myself swearing off the store if I'd had a bad experience with the manager or have another bad customer service experience there.

What would you have done/have you done in the same situation?

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