AT on ... Green Happiness?

AT on ... Green Happiness?

Everybody is talking about "green guilt" and "eco-anxiety" these days. Along those lines, Deep Economy has gotten us thinking ... according to Bill McKibben, Americans aren't very happy.

More money, which many people have long believed leads to happiness, doesn't seem to make things better (for people who already have enough of it). Relationships and health seem to predict happiness more consistently.

So what about making green choices in your home? Does that give you any sort of happiness?

We've been mulling it over.

We're certainly quick to pat ourselves on the back every time we remember our reusable bags at the market. When we turned the heat down and cuddled up in blankets and sweatshirts this winter we felt good about ourselves ... but is this pride happiness? Well, maybe it's getting close.

Then we thought some more: The happiest we've been in the last week or so was Saturday morning at our local farmers market. The sun was shining (which certainly had something to do with it -- please add weather to the list of happiness sources above) and the place was packed with, essentially, our neighbors.

Supporting local, homemade businesses is definitely green. The things you buy aren't usually being shipped from great distances and often they're of higher, healthier quality.

We bought a fruit tart from a local bakery, and two cups of coffee from a local roaster and sat down on the grass to enjoy it. You can't buy happiness, we know that -- but we got close.

But what about you? Doing things that are better for the environment ... does it make you anxious, happy, proud? None of the above?

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