AT on ... Green Regrets

AT on ... Green Regrets

Typically I'm not one who gets any joy out of the green guilt trip — I don't like to give them, I don't like to get them. However, that doesn't mean that little green regrets don't haunt me now and again. These regrets are a waste of emotional energy, I understand that. But maybe, if we treat them correctly (i.e., banish the guilt), we could learn a thing or two?

Case in point ...

When I moved in with my partner, there was an inevitable overlapping of furniture and various odds and ends. I gave my second-hand couch to a neighbor who needed it. I put my dishware in a box in the basement. You get the picture.

If my memory serves me correctly, for the most part we were pretty responsible in our purging. However, there were those throw pillows. The throw pillows that came with my partners' sensible tan couch. I hated the pillows and wanted to toss 'em. I dropped a decent amount of hints, none of which hit home. Finally, I had to just say it: "The pillows go or I go." So we shipped them off to a local thrift store. Obviously not the worst thing we could've done ...

However, ever since we got rid of those pillows, we've been in the market for new ones. I kick myself every time we consider buying a new set. Why didn't we just buy some fabric (or better yet, salvage some) and have the pillows recovered?

Obviously, not the biggest green sin out there, but it's still something that occurs to me from time to time, and something that makes me think twice before throwing things out.

Do you have any similar stories?

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