AT On: Hiding Christmas Presents

AT On: Hiding Christmas Presents

Beth Zeigler
Dec 12, 2008

121208xmas-01.jpgMany of us live in small apartments and are great at utilizing what little storage space we have. But what happens when an influx of Christmas presents need a place to hide? Since we don't put up a tree (which is usually where the presents would live) we have to get super crafty on where we decide to put holiday gifts (and most importantly, remembering where the heck we put them). We've come up with a few tips on how to handle hiding Christmas gifts in a small space after the jump.

  • Wrap the presents as soon as you bring them home--that way, if the finder locates them, they will at least be clueless as to what's underneath the wrapping paper.
  • A lot of older homes have linen and kitchen cabinets that extend rather far. Because there's a little extra room in these nooks, we tend to store gifts here. Our linen closet is great for frames and other breakable items that need a little extra cushioning.
  • You can hide gifts in the trunk of your car but we only like this suggestion if your car is always parked in a safe place when you leave home and returns to an enclosed garage.
  • Stowing gifts under the bed is a great place to keep presents before they're handed off to the recipient.
  • If you're having trouble finding a place to hide your presents, take this opportunity to declutter the top shelf in the hallway closet or a dresser drawer. You'll feel good about freeing up space and now have a place to put gifts.
  • Placing presents in hanging tote bags on the inside of a closet door is a place no one is bound to look.
  • If you're lucky enough to have relatives close by, ask them if you can store the extra goodies at their place.
  • Make sure to email yourself a list of the presents and their hiding places so you can remember where you've stored your items.

Do you hide Christmas presents? Where do you store your holiday gifts before you give them?

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